Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's been a busy month.
Adam had finals, traveled to London, Manchester, Portugal, Seattle and Phoenix all within three weeks. Adeline and I left town while Adam studied for his finals... a win- win for all.
We went to my home town in Washington. While there, my mother put me to work as we updated and remodeled their house. Two weeks consisted of shopping, painting, sewing, shopping, sanding, and shopping.. it was exhausting but a blast! I will post before and afters when it is complete.. still waiting for flooring and counter tops to be put in.
We returned home from WA, spent the rest of Adam's Spring Break playing around California, then decided to celebrate Easter with family in AZ. It was a short trip but a great one. It was fun to see Adeline around her older cousins, and to celebrate her first Easter! Also, AZ is amazing this time of year.. I tried to soak in as much sun as I could... this rain filled winter has left my face an awful shade of pasty.
Needless to say, Adeline has been quite the little traveler. She did great on all four legs of the trip. I know we are in a very narrow window where she cannot yet crawl, and can sit happy and play with her toys. I call it my happy little "pet rock" stage. It is a wonderful thing.
This new semester is looking to be a great one. We are settled in to Stanford, and I no longer feel like a newby. Adam's work load is a little less, which is always great. I am taking a baby yoga class as well as a sand volleyball class. Both are nearly free! I love the perks of the wife-of-student life. Adeline has lots of "play dates", and loves to interact with the kids in the courtyard.
Also, Adam decided to take an internship in L.A. for the summer. We have found a sublet to take our apartment, so Adeline and I will be floating between WA, L.A. and Lake Tahoe (Ward family cabin) this summer. Hoping for more happy travels.

Exploring the California Academy of Science.

Adeline threatening a lizard with her tongue.

A family photo at the Japanese Tea Garden in S.F. This photo is funny because this place is one of the most picturesque places.. and we end up with a photo in front of a strange over-sized blue door.

A slightly better shot of the Tea Gardens.

Easter baby!

Our little frequent flyer!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy half birthday!

6 months ago today, Adeline came into our world. She is the absolute light of our lives. I often tear up for how thankful I am that she is ours! We just love her to itty bitty pieces.
To celebrate we decided to go out to eat (a rare occasion now) to celebrate her half birthday. Mom and dad enjoyed pizza, salad and birthday dessert while Adeline watched with her bottle.
It will be so fun to watch her dive into her birthday cake at her real 1st birthday.
We love you Midge!!
(Adam's nickname for her.. short for midget.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

baby in a beret

couldn't resist. i had to post how cute my little one is.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tahoe fun

This past weekend we made a quick trip to Tahoe. Good times as always! Our good friends the Nielsens joined in on the fun.
It was not Adeline's first time in the snow, but definitely her first time sledding.... maybe a little too early?? But I think she had a good time :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prop 8. vote love or vote... hate???

This is an article that was recently posted by the company I formally worked for.

While I respect everyone's right to an opinion I do wish to clarify a position I feel strongly about. I feel that I represent the majority of the people who voted for proposition 8 which states that marriage should only be between and man and a woman. I voted for this with much consideration and an enormous amount of empathy for those who it would affect the most. I can honestly say I was not happy when the proposition passed as I knew how many people would be heart-broken and made to feel that they were still not accepted in the community. I "hate" that this caused so much pain.

To say- "vote love not hate" is simply wrong. There is not an ounce of hate in my heart for the gay and lesbians, and I wish they could understand this. This statement is too black and white. Sure, unfortunately there are some who do hate.. and I shame them. They make the rest of us look ignorant and awful. I truly believe they are the minority and that the rest of us voted for something we felt was right for ourselves and for our families.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes. It is about time.

We have entered the blogging world, and yes it is about time.

Adam and I follow a trend where our world seems to drastically change about every two years. We met in New York, fell in love and got married. Next, we moved to San Francisco where we worked hard and played hard. Now, we are in Palo Alto, CA where Adam is attending school at Stanford, and I am tending to our new little addition to the Ward family.. Adeline Cole Ward.

I meant to start this blog shortly after I had her, seriously underestimating the demands of having a newborn. Now that five months have passed, the fog has lifted a bit, I am getting around to it.
As for our new little one, we are enamoured. She has a fiery personality, and is full of charm. She is the center of our world.. and demands that it be that way. It has been both a very long and short five months. I tear up to think how much she has already grown and changed.. but I do not necessarily yearn for the early days of colic, a swollen chest and sleepless nights.
I am adjusting to motherhood well. It is a different world than the workplace (obviously) and I find it much more fulfilling. (although I do long to wear something pretty and play dress-up with brides every once in a while..)
With what precious spare time I have- I am trying to expand my cooking abilities, play a meaner tennis match, read faster... (in between nap times), and dream and plot about home decor. I have also found myself to be a frequent "hostess" to Adam's business school colleagues.. which just adds pressure to my new cooking abilities.
I also hope to develop better blogging skills. I promise I will learn how to make the pages more interesting and pretty to look at. For those who know me.. computer skills are not my thing ;)